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Five Reasons Why we Love Wood Floors

We’ve all been there. You’ve spent the afternoon cleaning your house from top to bottom and now it’s time for a well-earned rest in front of the fire with a glass of red and your dog curled happily at your feet. You sit down with a yawn and a blissful stretch when, suddenly, that nice glass of red is toppling over. A red stain seeps into your plush, cream carpet. The dog looks up and your heart sinks as you realise your much-loved pet has already left a sheepish trail of muddy paw prints and hair over everything. Your mind is made up. Wood floors are the way to go.

Here are five reasons why:

Easy to clean!

Why spend ages scrubbing, vacuuming and removing stains when you can get away with a good sweep and maybe even a quick mop and polish if you’re feeling fancy? If your floor is wood, that puddle of wine can be wiped right up and those muddy paw prints are history.


As anyone with allergies will tell you, carpets are one of the worst places in the home for harbouring allergens, providing the perfect environment for dust mites, mould spores, pet dander and many other types of nasties. Save yourself the wheezing and the sneezing and get rid of those carpets!


After a while, your carpet starts to wear out. Nobody wants to see a path showing just how often you traipse between the sofa and the TV and everybody knows that it is nearly impossible to keep a carpet looking luxurious and stain-free in a busy household. With proper maintenance, both Granwood and Hardwood flooring can stay looking pristine for years.

Why hide it?

Who knows what could be lurking under your old carpet? Why not have a look and see? Castle Floors specialises in floor sanding services and restoration, transforming dingy, threadbare carpets into stunning, classic wood floors. You may already have the floor of your dreams just waiting to be uncovered.

And finally…

Wood can be absolutely gorgeous! Yes, carpets have their place and a soft, rich pile can look wonderful but just think of all the options you have with simple wood. Granwood blocks or classic Hardwood? What finish do you want? Gloss, matte or a burnished satin sheen? Does the room need brightening up? Simply add a rug! The choices are endless