Some useful tips on how to take care of your wooden floor

Wooden floor care image by MariaKRaynova (via Shutterstock).

Your wooden floor, like any other floorcovering, requires care and attention. Image by MariaKRaynova (via Shutterstock).

Your wooden floor is a major investment. If you have been the proud owner of a wooden floor for several years, you wood recognise this yourself. Especially if your home has had one since you moved in. Or you may have decided to have a new floor instead of a carpet.

Like your finest Axminster carpet, your wooden floor needs tender loving care and attention. Instead of wearing away, they can be prone to scratches caused by heavy footfall and furniture. Not to mention trodden in dirt.

We at Castle Floors have a selection of useful tips for taking care of your floor.

1. Use vinegar instead of soap

Yes, the most effective cleaning agent for your floor could be seen in your chippy. O.K., not quite. Instead of soap and water, white vinegar (not suitable for chips) is a good alternative to proprietary wood floor polish. Plus it is cheap. Apply to your wooden floor with 4.5 litres of warm water and between 120 and 235 millilitres of white vinegar.

2. Clean often

To keep your floors in tip top condition, clean your floor as often as possible. Unlike dark carpets, dirt can show up and stick to wooden floors. To prevent this, add a mat to the entrance of your door. Encourage your guests to take their shoes off on entry. Every now and then, get the vacuum cleaner or floor sweeper out.

3. Love your old wooden floor

Instead of covering it with a carpet or – gasp! – a laminate floor, why not learn to love your existing wooden floor? The floor you might consider hiding could be given a new lease of life, thanks to a bit of sanding and refinishing.

Castle Floors, 15 August 2017.