sports hall floor

Sports hall floors are designed to be used. Not only do they sustain a high footfall throughout the week – they also sustain a large amount of force exerted on them as the users jump around and run about. As such, it is normal for sports floors to need to be regularly maintained – and even to need the odd repair now and again. Here you will find a description of the key sports hall floor repairs which sports hall floors often require.

Different sports hall floor materials require different sports hall floor restoration techniques

Sports hall floors tend to be made from wood with a covering of sealant. However, another common flooring material for sports halls – particularly more modern ones – is polyurethane. Wooden floors can sustain many types of damage, including chipped surfaces, scratches or other damage to the sealant, and loose or wobbly boards. Polyurethane floors can be chipped or scratched, too, and the coatings and sealants can also start to wear down as they come to the end of their natural lives.

How sports hall floors can be repaired to look as good as new

It is surprisingly easy to get a sports hall floor looking just like new with a few simple repairs. If the sealants on a wooden floor have become tarnished or scraped away, for example, all that is needed is for a new layer of sealant to be added to the affected area. If a board has started to come a little loose, it can easily be removed and replaced and then the relevant area of the floor can be re-sealed. This is a very quick and easy procedure. If you have a polyurethane floor that has started to look somewhat shabby, there is no need for concern: it can be sanded down quickly and easily and then once the floor is even and all the old remnants of glossy and non slip coatings have been removed, new coatings can be applied. Then, the paintwork can be redone to have that floor looking even better than new. It is best to get flooring repairs performed sooner rather than later, as areas of damage to the floor can get worse with time.

Sports hall floor restoration is quick and simple: get your old floor looking perfect once more

If you own, or are responsible for maintaining, a sports hall, it is vital for health and safety to check the floor regularly. If you notice any areas that need to be repaired it is best to have these repairs carried out by a professional. Usually, it just takes a few hours for your sports hall to look absolutely perfect again. No matter if you have a sealed wooden floor or a modern polyurethane floor that has been painted over with markings for basketball, indoor hockey and other sports, professional sports hall repair workers will have no trouble attending to those repairs.