Hardwood flooring and engineered flooring both have their strong points. Understanding what you need ensures you go for the right choice. Consider working with wood flooring professionals so as to benefit from their valuable insight.

Hardwood flooring

Even though engineered wood used to be a pale second to wood flooring, is it now a popular choice among many property owners. Understanding the difference between engineered floors and wood floors allow you to make an informed decision. Whether you are installing floors in a new building or renovating your floors, ensure you work with professionals, who have experience in this field.

Wood Flooring

This is a homogenous flooring solution that has no layering. The 5-11 inch wood planks are usually nailed or stapled directly onto your floor. You can either have pre-finished or site-finished wood flooring based on your preference. The main selling point for this flooring solution is that they can be sanded severally and still retain their structural integrity. Castle Floors offers excellent sanding and maintenance services to ensure your floors last you for decades. Consult our professionals for repairs in Castleford, Leeds and West Yorkshire, UK.

Engineered Flooring

As opposed to wood flooring, engineered wood is a layered product that comprises of a thin top layer of hardwood flooring and a based made from plywood. Unlike wood flooring, engineered wood cannot be sanded more than two or three times since it’s just a thin slice of hardwood layered on top of plywood. For engineered most of the 5-inch plunks come pre-finished but you can also get the site finished engineered flooring. Unlike wood flooring, engineered wood wears off fast, and you’ll need to renovate more often. The main advantage of engineered flooring is the variety of installation methods. When working with Castle Floors for an installation or restoration job, the floors can be stapled, nailed, glued and folded and locked.

Bottom Line

All in all, both wood flooring and engineered flooring have their strong selling points. If you are looking for a flooring solution which is likely last you decades, wood flooring is your best bet. However, if you want a flooring solution that offers flexibility in installation, you are better off going with engineered flooring. Engineered flooring also has a stable structure with more tolerance to moisture compared to wood flooring.


Wood flooring and engineering flooring are modern flooring solutions that both have their strong selling points. Working with a professional ensures that your floors are well maintained.