floor-restoration-do-dontWhen sanding your hardwood floors, there are numerous options available. For instance, different sander types available as well as a variety of finishes and stains to provide different kinds of effects. Here are some floor restoration tips on what you should do and what shouldn’t do when having a floor sanding restoration done.

– Do Think Very Carefully About Doing It Yourself

It’s easy sanding your wooden floor and give the floor the kind of finish that used to be achievable only by hiring a professional. In fact, hiring the machines you’ll need is a very simple process; equipment is available at reasonable prices from the local hire shop. However, deciding to undertake this work yourself isn’t always the best logical option. If you have pets or children, the disruption that the work causes, such as the amount of dust as well as the need for additional ventilation can be more trouble than it is worth, and it could be worth spending extra on hiring a professional to do that work.

– Do Not Ignore Professional Advice

Typically, the professionals at your local hire shop can advise you on the best options for particular requirements. Thus, you should always consult them before undertaking the job.

– Do Get the Correct Machines

If you will do the work yourself, you’ll want to ensure you’re hiring the right machines. Although there are many options, it’s recommended that the 3 key pieces of equipment you’ll need are the vibrating sander, the edge sander and the drum sander. Each plays a major role to get the most out of the floor: the edge sander for your borders, the drum sander for most of your floor, and as for the vibrating sander, it’s used in fining the wood sanding plus removing of any gouges or divots caused during the process of sanding.

– Do Not Forget to Practice Before Starting

Use an area that is less visible to practice on before tackling the main body of your floor, it’ll only make things easier, allowing you to feel much more comfortable with the equipment. Also, you will avoid damaging your floor before even starting.

– Ensure You’ve Taken All the Necessary Safety Precautions

Although modern sanding equipment is better designed in recent years in terms of dust, there’s always a level of dust that sanding a floor creates. Hence, it’s important to ensure you take the necessary safety measures. A dust mask and eye protection are necessary evils when you are undertaking sanding work to ensure that you do not suffer any avoidable injuries.

– Do Not Lose Sight of Why You Are Doing the Work

Sanding a floor can be a process that is time-consuming; at points, it’ll be challenging. The end results, however, are transformative, and they are going to give you a floor that is fit to be the envy of friends. Therefore, remember the end goal if the going happens to get tough.

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