Parquet flooring is an old tradition that dates back to the late 1600s in France. It involves the assembly and placement of small pieces of wood that have been cut into geometric shapes.parquet flooring


When parquet flooring was first invented, it served as an alternative to marble flooring. Today, the flooring is made using engineered wood that is assembled in a different location. The pieces of wood are assembled and installed in a beautiful pattern. The advantages of your parquet flooring in Leeds go beyond aesthetics. Other advantages include the following.

  • The flooring is sustainable
  • It is to install to suit the dimensions of any room
  • It is durable
  • Parquet flooring is a safe option for spaces with children
  • It is versatile


Where to Use Parquet Flooring

You can use parquet flooring in any room of your home. It is possible to install the flooring on thin spaces such as hallways. Parquet flooring is not a unique material. It may be made from either engineered or solid wood. The design is what makes it unique. The design is made to make a lasting impression. The type of material used to make parquet flooring is what makes it suitable for different rooms. The flooring may be made using a variety of timber including cherry, lime, oak, and maple. Two or more of them may be combined to get the desired texture and colour. The following are some of the most common parquet flooring types.

Reclaimed Wood Parquet

Reclaimed parquet flooring is commonly used in public buildings. The most common types of wood for this flooring include oak, pine, and mahogany. The work and effort that goes into this kind of flooring are a lot more than for new wood.

Engineered Parquet

Engineered parquet is made to adapt to modern HVAC systems which may cause damage to the wooden flooring because of extreme changes in temperature. This flooring is made using plywood layers that are bound together to form a thick board. The flooring is appropriate for use in any parts of a home. It is wise to get your engineered parquet from a reputable seller to ensure that you are getting high quality engineered parquet.

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