Hiring a Floor Restoration Company

Picking the right floor restoration company can sometimes be a challenging task. Most of the time clients privilege price over quality: the results can be disastrous. A company without or with little experience can spoil your floor in such a way that the idea of economising by hiring less than qualified professionals can turn in a tremendous loss. You might be forced to spend more, even ten times, to fix the problem on your floor. Here is what you should consider when you want to hire a floor-restoration company.

Is the Company Licensed? – Most floor restoration companies that charge you less than their work market prices most likely are not licensed. There could be many companies that can do a good floor restoration job without a licence, but it is a huge risk you do not want to take. Licensed companies perform an excellent job when compared to those that aren’t. Always ask for the floor restoration company license before hiring them.

How Easy Is It to Contact the Company? – Does the floor restoration company have an office? How is their site? Is it well designed and easy finding their contact information? Do they answer your call, and does the company have straight answers when you call them? If it is difficult getting in touch with them before the service begins, imagine how it will be if anything goes wrong. Sometimes the little details make a big difference. If the floor restoration company has an established place of business, a proper staff that address problems and any questions that you may be having by email or phone, then it is a good start.

Check the Company’s References – Any floor restoration company worth their salt will definitely have happy clients. You can ask to talk to at least 3 former clients. The clients should be a mixture of older and recent clients. That is going to give you an overview of the company’s quality of work. If it is possible, you can ask the former client to send you pictures of their restored floor.

Does The Company Have Insurance? – Most people overlook this. However, the insurance is what is going to guarantee you that, if a company does something wrong, it’ll be fixed, or you’ll get paid for all your losses. That allows you to fix or replace your spoiled floor. Always check if the floor restoration company is insured plus what is the coverage. Additionally, ask for their insurance certificate copy.

Get Everything in Writing – After verifying the floor restoration company is the best one suited for your task, you’ll need to ensure that you draw up a contract. Ensure the contract has listed the specific materials the company is going to use and the specific methods of restoration. Make sure that the contract clearly states the extent of the job. A penalty clause should be added detailing what will happen in case the job isn’t completed within the specified time frame.

About Castle Floors

Castle Floors is a family-run floor sanding company that is well established and located in Castleford, south of Leeds. We also serve West Yorkshire and Wakefield areas. We have more than a decade and a half combined experience and specialise specifically in wood flooring restoration plus repair work to all wooden floor types. This includes original soft pine floorboards, solid hardwood strips as well as Parquet block flooring