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What are Mixed Media Floors?

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A look at how mixed media floors compare with all wooden floors

Mixed media floors. Images by Einsteinnes and Stock Design (via Shutterstock).

Having your cake, and eating it: mixed media floors enable you to combine a wooden floor with, for example, a marble floor. Images by Einsteinnes and Stock Design (via Shutterstock).

You can either have a wooden floor or a stone floor. Or a marble floor, or a laminate floor. Having a bit of both flooring types seem extravagant, but recent trends are pointing in the opposite direction. If you combine a parquet floor with a marble floor, you have what is known as a Mixed Media Floor.

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Why Refurbish Your Wooden Floor?

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Instead of hiding your wooden floor with a carpet, why not refurbish your floor?

How to refurbish a wooden floor

Before and After: once we refurbish your wooden floor, you will be surprised at how new it looks.

Wood is wonderful. It adds value to your home, especially when given tender loving care and shown off to your guests. Instead of covering it with a carpet, why not have your wooden floor refurbished? We at Castle Floors, within Leeds, Castleford, and Wakefield, will refurbish your wooden floor to ‘as new’ condition.

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How Parquet Flooring Became Fashionable Again

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A brief look at how parquet flooring became popular again in the 1980s

Parquet flooring image by Pavel Shynkarou (via Shutterstock).

A nice bit of parquet flooring in a modern house. Image by Pavel Shynkarou (via Shutterstock).

Parquetry has been around since the 16th century. It was used in royal palaces and European homes. The Palace of Versailles, where Louis XIV lived, was notable for its parquet flooring. Back then, the price of carpets was a deciding factor in favour of wooden floors. From the late 17th century to the mid-19th century, pine floors and numerous parquetry patterns rose in popularity.

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Why Wooden Floors For Your Bedroom?

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The merits of wooden floors in your bedroom

Bedroom floor image by Svet_Feo (via Shutterstock).

Stylish: wooden floors, such as this parquet floor, could bring the best out of your bedroom. Image by Svet_Feo (via Shutterstock).

Many of us spend a quarter or a third of each day in our bedroom. That’s excluding the amount of time we use our room for getting dressed. Sometimes, our home office or computer is in the same place as our king size or single bed. Therefore, we could spend more than half our days in the same room.

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Why Choose Reclaimed Flooring?

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How reclaimed flooring offers an environmentally friendly yet striking alternative to freshly laid hardwood flooring

Reclaimed flooring image by Dymax (via Shutterstock).

Reclaimed flooring can add character to your home. Image by Dymax (via Shutterstock).

If only floorboards could talk! If reclaimed flooring could talk, the wooden floorboards could tell an interesting story. They could tell of their seafaring days. They could hark back to their previous occupants – whether at home, school or work. Wooden floorboards could tell a story with greater depth than (supposedly) the average reality TV celebrity.

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Wooden Floor Fitting Fails

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A collection of clips on how not to fit a wooden floor, plus a bonus feature

Wooden floor fitting fail image by Boris Rabtsevich (via Shutterstock).

Work in progress: A section of wood flooring being repaired. Image by Boris Rabtsevich (via Shutterstock).

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Wooden Flooring or Laminate Flooring?

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How wooden flooring compares with laminate flooring

Wooden flooring image by Pavel Shynkarou (via Shutterstock).

A nice bit of parquet flooring in a modern house. Image by Pavel Shynkarou (via Shutterstock).

There are many closely fought battles between one football side or another, or those between brands. For example: the battle for cola drink supremacy between Coca Cola and Pepsi. There is one that is sure to go on for a longer period. Not the battle between carpeted floors and wooden floors. The one to watch is the battle between wooden flooring and laminate flooring. read more →

Parquet Floors: The Scores on the Floors

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An absolute beginner’s guide to parquet floors

Parquet Floors image by Svet_Feo (via Shutterstock).

Exquisite: parquet floors are a popular choice for bedrooms, including this master bedroom photographed by Svet_Feo (via Shutterstock).

Whether in the home or a public hall, there is no mistaking the distinctive nature of parquet floors. They form part of many a dance floor, basketball court, school hall, public library, and numerous homes. With a geometric pattern, they add a touch of class to your floor.

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Advantages of sanding wooden flooring



Many people decide to have wooden floors put in over carpets as this means less time maintaining the carpet to make it look new and also wooden floors last for a very long time, much longer than carpets. In this article, I will discuss 5 advantages of sanding your wooden floor to make it look new again.

  1. Sanding wooden floors can make them look new and smoother than before. This is achieved as the sand scraps off the old layer and brings a new layer from below. The new layer can then soak up any stains.
  2. Once you have finished the sanding, you will notice the room looks brighter. This is gained as the light spreads correctly, while the ambience of the entire room improves. Also, having good ambience in your room will also make you feel good.
  3. Another advantage of sanding your wood floor is it can enable you to varnish and stain the new layer. This can make the staining process easier and reduce any regular wear and tear. This technique can also make the floor even.
  4. After you have completed the sanding, this can decrease the floor’s resistance to movement. As the floor remains level, this makes it hard for dust to collect in any portions of the floor which means the floor remains cleaner for longer periods and would require less cleaning.
  5. Finally, sanding can make cleaning the floor much easier and can also make the floor durable meaning it can last for a very long time.


Ready to sand your floor? Call us on 01977 730 244 or 07825 834 821. You can also email us on info@castlefloors.co.uk.

We offer a wide range of services including:

  • Sand & varnish
  • Sand & Oil
  • Sand & Stain
  • Staircase refurbishment
  • Floorboard replacement and much more!

For more details on Castle Floors and past projects we have done, visit our site on http://castlefloors.co.uk/

Why Wooden Floors For Your Living Room?

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How wooden floors add style to your front room

wood floor sanding leeds

For many people, there is at least one or more ‘which is better?’ type of argument. For example: which is better out of Rugby League or Rugby Union? Anyone born from the late 1960s to the early 1970s would ask if you lived in a Swap Shop house or a TISWAS house. In the field of floor coverings, there one argument that has gone on longer than the above two examples. That of wooden floors or carpets.

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