Why parquet flooring is just as good in 2017 as it was in 1817

Parquet flooring in the 21st century image by Zastolskiy Victor.

As good this year as it was in 1517: parquet floors. Image by Zastolskiy Victor (via Shutterstock).

Parquet flooring is timeless. Whether fitted in a mock-Tudor home or a state-of-the-art sports centre, it always makes its presence known. It goes just as well with a Billy bookcase as much as a Chippendale chair, or a 1950s G Plan unit. In public buildings, the Belle of the Ball could be the parquet floor of the village hall.

At home, parquet flooring goes well in modern living rooms. It offers a hypoallergenic alternative to carpets. They can stand up to heavy traffic: especially as your living room is used for countless things besides watching television. Hard wearing, they can last for several years and look as good as new years after restoration.

If you have an office in your home, parquet flooring makes for a good working environment. It neatly complements your desk, shelving, and other peripherals. For artists’ studios, another sound choice. A better option than the carpet, and easier to clean.

Public buildings

Parquet flooring makes for an attractive look in public buildings. Particularly in art galleries, classrooms, conferencing halls, and refectories. Where constant footfall is commonplace, a hard wearing yet attractive flooring surface is a must. Hence its use in sports halls as well as exhibition space and conferencing facilities.

Furthermore, parquet floors are able to absorb sound better than linoleum and carpet floors. They feel warmer underfoot than ceramic tiled and vinyl flooring. Which is why they are great in the home as well as public buildings.

Castle Floors, 27 June 2017.