If you have just pulled up a carpet and found that underneath you have parquet flooring, you should consider yourself incredibly lucky. Parquet flooring is one of the best quality kinds of wooden flooring and can cost up to £120 per square metre. It doesn’t usually matter what kind of damage there is to the flooring, it can be repaired. If there are parts of it missing they can usually be sourced and replaced, dirt can be cleaned off and it can be levelled out if it is uneven. When it is repaired, for a uniform and clean looking finish, sanding parquet flooring is a good process to carry out. You can try and do this yourself but because of the valuable nature of the flooring, many people choose to use a professional or company experienced in sanding parquet flooring.

Depending on the condition of the parquet floor you may need to give your floor a thorough clean before the parquet sanding begins. Layers of dirt and wax will slow down the process as it will clog up your sanding paper quickly, rendering it useless. Old wax can be removed easily with White Spirit and dirt can be cleaned away. If you are doing this yourself, make sure the room is well ventilated as white spirit is dangerous to breathe in.

You will need machinery to carry out the sanding of parquet flooring in order to carry it out within a reasonable time frame – doing it by hand will take forever. A belt sander is often used. The endless sanding paper will give an even and seamless look on your wooden floor, unlike a drum sander because of the metal rod that has to keep the sheet of sanding paper fixed to the drum. You will need a smaller sander for edges and corners to make sure the finish goes all the way to the edge of the floor and that you don’t have edges of a different level and colour. This is another reason many people prefer to use a profession – the renting of the different kinds of machinery required can often work out just as expensive.
Once you have sanded your flooring you are ready to treat it to achieve the finish you prefer.

At Castle Floors, we can do this all for you, leaving your floor looking like new. You’d think we’d completely replaced it! With the correct tools, and knowledge and experience, we can give you a superior finish to your parquet flooring. If you’ve had a carpet laid over it for years, we can easily remove the thick layers of glue from the surface.