When You Need a Floor Sanding Service

If you have hardwood floors whether at home or in an office area, ensuring it is well maintained is as much a responsibility as it is a challenge. However, there are many ways to take care of these floors and to give them a fresh look. The following are various instances when you will need to seek help from floor sanding professionals.floor sanding services

Water disaster

Hardwood floors are not only beautiful but are known to last long. In case of water damage from leaks around the house, or a flood, you may require floor sanding services carried out on the area. It will ensure that warping does not occur and if it has already happened the sanding will even out the floors. Choosing new flooring from castle floors would be wise.

Scratches and dents

A wooden floor with visible scratches and dents loses its beauty over time. Therefore, such a floor needs to be repaired on time before the dents become too damaged and expensive to fix. The scratches may be minor on the surface or too deep getting to the actual wood. This scratches and dents are mostly caused by furniture, pets and heavy falling objects that can gouge out the floor. You may choose to replace the old floor or repair it, whichever way you choose your floors will be left looking awesome.

Discoloured and dull floorboards

Discoloured and dull floorboards is a clear sign that you require floor sanding services in your facility or home. Wooden floors have an original feel to them, and when they discolour, it is easily noticeable. Discoloured floorboards are common where the natural light hits the floor, the area under the mats are mostly darker in comparison. It is, therefore, advisable to create shades to prevent direct sunlight on the floor.

Flooring defects

The most common signs of flooring defects are visible cracks and peels on the floor. They are hard to control because they are mostly caused by children scratches, cleaning detergents, pet scratches to mention a few. This defects should be well inspected because this could be a sign of wood rotting. Flooring defects are easily corrected through floor sanding.

Floor sanding your timber floors makes them look new and attractive. There are several signs to check before you opt for floor sanding services for your home or office. The points above sum up some of the reasons.