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The Benefits of Hardwood Flooring

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Hardwood flooring repairs

Hardwood flooring has become popular in the recent years. In fact, most new offices prefer to include the hardwood floors in their designs. The visual appearance and the great comfortable feeling of using these floors are undoubtedly attractive and a factor for the adoption. Here are some of the benefits of using them.

  1. Easy to Install, Durable and Cleanable

Good hardwood floors are made in such a way that their installation process is not complicated. You will need just a little expertise or experience to have the floor ready. According to experts, the milling of the wood is an essential factor that determines installation process. An excellent installation leaves you with the best experience in the use of the floor. The strength of the hardwood guarantees long service in use. The hardwood is less likely to break making it a perfect flooring component. Experts recommend the use of hardwood flooring even in high movement areas since they can withstand the weights. These floors are also cleanable and do not accumulate the dirt quickly. The accomplishment of wiping and dust removal activities is easy. With modern hoovers, the task of maintaining the floors’ cleanliness condition has been more simplified than ever. The floors are also be dried easily.

  1. Long-term Great Outlook with Value Addition

It gives beauty to the flooring environment that it’s used and can remain appealing for long. There is no need to make floor change plans in a short period since house attractiveness doesn’t depreciate quickly. The floors do not lose shape and worth with ease. At first, the look of a hard wooden floor ignites the touch of classy house or office. Regarding sale, such kind of the building can be sold at high prices that meet its value. Even in case of hiring as the building or offices, the value of the house or room will undoubtedly be high. The hardwood used in flooring can be a great investment plan.

  1. Naturally Good and Health-Supportive

If you don’t like the sounds that come as you make your steps walking, the hardwood made floors are your best solution. They neither produce such sounds when walking nor any vibrations, especially when they are well fixed. Despite their massive strength, it’s not extremely hard compared to direct stone floors or tiles. Therefore, in the cases of accidental falling of items, there are chances of survival and no breakage. Various health conditions such as allergies, asthma conditions may be as an effect of multiple micro-organisms and dust retained in flooring materials such as carpets. When it comes to hardwood flooring, once it’s cleaned and vacuumed, chances of retention of any micro-organisms or foreign particles are very minimal since they are made to be smooth and come with no fibres. Hence, these floorings promote healthy breathing environment.

The hardwood floors have a reputation for ages. The modern world has also embraced the use of these flooring alternatives for the numerous benefits they possess. Castle Floors have a variety of hardwood-made floors that can give you an ultimate solution. You can also get the installation services for the greatest flooring experience.

Common Sports Hall Floor Repairs

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sports hall floor

Sports hall floors are designed to be used. Not only do they sustain a high footfall throughout the week – they also sustain a large amount of force exerted on them as the users jump around and run about. As such, it is normal for sports floors to need to be regularly maintained – and even to need the odd repair now and again. Here you will find a description of the key sports hall floor repairs which sports hall floors often require. read more →

5 Reasons Why Flooring is Better than Carpeting

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wood flooring

Five Reasons Why we Love Wood Floors

We’ve all been there. You’ve spent the afternoon cleaning your house from top to bottom and now it’s time for a well-earned rest in front of the fire with a glass of red and your dog curled happily at your feet. You sit down with a yawn and a blissful stretch when, suddenly, that nice glass of red is toppling over. A red stain seeps into your plush, cream carpet. The dog looks up and your heart sinks as you realise your much-loved pet has already left a sheepish trail of muddy paw prints and hair over everything. Your mind is made up. Wood floors are the way to go. read more →

Parquet Flooring in the 21st Century

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Why parquet flooring is just as good in 2017 as it was in 1817

Parquet flooring in the 21st century image by Zastolskiy Victor.

As good this year as it was in 1517: parquet floors. Image by Zastolskiy Victor (via Shutterstock).

Parquet flooring is timeless. Whether fitted in a mock-Tudor home or a state-of-the-art sports centre, it always makes its presence known. It goes just as well with a Billy bookcase as much as a Chippendale chair, or a 1950s G Plan unit. In public buildings, the Belle of the Ball could be the parquet floor of the village hall.

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What are Mixed Media Floors?

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A look at how mixed media floors compare with all wooden floors

Mixed media floors. Images by Einsteinnes and Stock Design (via Shutterstock).

Having your cake, and eating it: mixed media floors enable you to combine a wooden floor with, for example, a marble floor. Images by Einsteinnes and Stock Design (via Shutterstock).

You can either have a wooden floor or a stone floor. Or a marble floor, or a laminate floor. Having a bit of both flooring types seem extravagant, but recent trends are pointing in the opposite direction. If you combine a parquet floor with a marble floor, you have what is known as a Mixed Media Floor.

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Why Choose Reclaimed Flooring?

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How reclaimed flooring offers an environmentally friendly yet striking alternative to freshly laid hardwood flooring

Reclaimed flooring image by Dymax (via Shutterstock).

Reclaimed flooring can add character to your home. Image by Dymax (via Shutterstock).

If only floorboards could talk! If reclaimed flooring could talk, the wooden floorboards could tell an interesting story. They could tell of their seafaring days. They could hark back to their previous occupants – whether at home, school or work. Wooden floorboards could tell a story with greater depth than (supposedly) the average reality TV celebrity.

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