Sports Hall flooring

Find the Perfect Sports Hall Flooring

Flooring for sports facilities tends to take the substantial impact due to high traffic and intense activity, which can have a significant effect on those utilising the space. The surface type chosen must be able to meet all the needs of the customers and be impeccably installed.

 Ensuring a Quality Product

With a variety of sports flooring types to choose from it is essential to get a consultation from a company with many years of experience and a strong reputation for good work. Depending on the sporting needs one can choose from various types, each with different specifications and requirements that necessitate the specialised knowledge and experience of professionals to ensure proper installation and resilient for a long term product. Installation and maintenance of sports hall flooring require highly skilled and experienced professionals who deeply understand the various advantages and disadvantages of different material options. While high-level experts may initially seem to cost more, their capabilities and knowledge have lower long-run costs.

Discover the Benefits of Each Sports Hall Flooring Type:

Wooden Sports Floors

  • Shock absorption to reduce injury from impact.
  • Ball bounce rebound equal to concrete surfaces.
  • Easy maintenance after installation, only requiring a daily dust mopping.
  • Customisable during resurfacing every 10-15 years, allowing creativity in floor paint and design.

Seamless Polyurethane

  • Shock absorption from cushioning effect, preventing joint of ligament damage from surface impact.
  • The high-grip surface option makes it suitable for multi-sport and specific-sort facilities.
  • An inexpensive option, with cheaper resurfacing rates.
  • The lack of seams and flat surface makes cleaning easy.
  • A low maintenance choice as it does not need resealing every 3-5 years like some other options.

Vinyl Floor

  • Lasts at least ten years as the materials durability and resilience ensure that it withstands heavy use, while its smooth surface resists wear and tear.
  • Cost-effective through its durability, preventing expensive maintenance, repairing and replacements.
  • A completely slip resistant material, ensuring the safety of players.
  • High level of shock absorption, preventing any injury to users.
  • Multi-purpose and reliable flooring that can suit a variety of facility needs.

Granwood Sports Flooring

  • Resistance to fire as well as wet and dry root.
  • Can withstand extreme temperatures and humidity.
  • Durability provides protection against heavy and abrasive traffic.
  • The hard-wearing polyurethane seal that makes daily maintenance with a dry mop simple.
  • Provides the same multi-sport and multipurpose advantage as the other options.

A Company with Extensive Knowledge and Dedication

Castle Floors is a company with over 15 years of experience that ensures quality by handling all work within the company. Our wide variety of flooring services include sanding and restoration, after-care and expert advise. We aim to satisfy our customers’ requirements with every flooring need. We specialise in sports hall flooring refurbishment, with the highest expertise in pine floorboards, hardwood strips, and Parquet flooring. Are you still unsure about what your flooring needs? We offer sports facilities free expert advise from our flooring specialists so that your decisions can be made with ease and all the information. Call us with any enquiries on 01977 730 244 or get in touch via email enquiry.