floor restoration

How long has your sporting floor served you? Hall flooring is subjected to lots of physical movements. Thus, it’s likely to continue running out. Today, most of these floors are wooden made. Hence, the sporting hall floor requires maintenance and replacement. At times the floor may deteriorate to the point that even maintenance and repairs seem to be insufficient. The following are the signs that should aid you in considering replacing the floor.


Do you notice any warping formation on the floor? Warping refers to curving of any material. If you see the parts curving in any way, then the floor is no longer in perfect shape. In fact, this sign should promote you to replace the floor. Depending on the amount of warping, you can choose to replace a part of the affected floor section or want to replace the whole sports hall floor.

Warping is caused by moisture and water-caused damage on the floor. In a warped environment, sporting activities may become difficult; for instance, the accuracy of a bouncing ball will not be achieved. Additionally, the floor may turn out to be an accidental zone. Right flooring materials and quality service replacement may offer a more extended life solution.

Presence of Scratches

The sharp or rough surface characterises scratches. Scratches may be formed due to the continued friction or cuts. For wood, material scratches are typical in the case of damages. The wear and tear may be harmful to the players on the floor. The scratches increase friction that will deter the sporting activities. Maintaining the sports hall floor will be the best option if most parts are affected.

The best option is to approach a flooring based company to ensure that the flooring replacement is made to suit the needs of the hall.There are even better qualities of wood that are usable. In fact, scratched floors reduced the house value. Moreover, a scratched floor has a poor appearance. Fitting a brand new floor is the best option.

The Appearance of Gouges And, Cracks Chipped Pieces

Gouges and chipped pieces’ appearance should prompt you to have a replacement of the floor. The alternative has to factor in the severity of the issue. You may require replacing individual affected parts. However, if the case concerns the entire floor, you will have to replace it in entirety. If you notice cracks on the floorboards or some chipped pieces of the flooring material, then a replacement will be necessary.

With proper consultation, you can determine whether to replace the entire floor. For instance, if the flooring has served for many years, then cracks may signify that the destruction trend will continue to the rest of the flooring. Either way, a replacement must be done to make the flooring safe and suitable for sporting activities.

It’s good practice to replace the sports hall flooring. New floors offer safe grounds for players and sporting activities. However, it’s more recommendable to hire reputable companies for hard flooring services. Castle Floors specialises in wood flooring and is the best option for your sports hall flooring replacement service.