How reclaimed flooring offers an environmentally friendly yet striking alternative to freshly laid hardwood flooring

Reclaimed flooring image by Dymax (via Shutterstock).

Reclaimed flooring can add character to your home. Image by Dymax (via Shutterstock).

If only floorboards could talk! If reclaimed flooring could talk, the wooden floorboards could tell an interesting story. They could tell of their seafaring days. They could hark back to their previous occupants – whether at home, school or work. Wooden floorboards could tell a story with greater depth than (supposedly) the average reality TV celebrity.

Reclaimed flooring, besides having a memorable backstory, add character to your home. We at Castle Floors specialise in hardwood flooring – new installations as well as repairs to existing floors. This covers parquet flooring as well as floorboards in differing hardwoods. Restoration is another service we offer.

Rather than go the whole hog and replace your present floor (unless rotting), we can reclaim your existing flooring. Even with sustainably managed forests, reclaimed flooring is a more environmentally sound option. The timber is, most obviously, part and parcel of your home’s character. A new timber floor could be incongruous.

Why hide your wooden floor away?

In various sources, wooden floors of any description are better for asthma sufferers than wall-to-wall carpets. A carpet can gather dust mites and dead skin which can be bad for people with respiratory disorders. Supposing a typical carpet is in tip-top condition for ten years, a wooden floor can last for three times that or more.

Compared with synthetic flooring, wooden floors are easy to keep clean. They are the best option for asthma sufferers. Synthetic floors may emit VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) which have a high vapour temperature at room temperature. This is why reclaimed flooring – or newly laid wooden flooring – are better options.

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Castle Floors, 10 April 2017.