floor sanding services

The risks of a DIY job and the benefits of using the professionals.

When it comes to a floor sanding job, various factors should be considered, before getting underway. Cost, the size of the task, and your personal skills at sanding, to mention a few.

If you’ve never sanded a floor before, it may well save time, money and wasted effort, if you go straight for the professional option.

Consider all factors before making a decision.

  • Complexity – Restoring a floor, is far from a simple job. A high standard of finish, requires getting down and dirty. Unstable or uneven floor boards, should not be sanded without prep work. It may be necessary to level the entire sub-floor, which is a highly skills task. Using sanding equipment, requires expert knowledge, such as the correct method to fill in gaps, and apply stain and finish correctly.
  • Problem identification – Specific problems, are frequently the cause of issues, such as excessive moisture causing a buckled floor. Is this because of a leaking pipe? It’s pointless to start a job, without the correct preparation work, in order to prevent a reoccurrence of the same problem.
  • Size of the floor – What may seem like a quick job, may end up being a lengthy, difficult procedure, that takes a lot longer than you initially thought it would.
  • The condition of the current finish – If there’s a lot of finish on the boards, it’s harder to remove, whereas worn-out and distressed coats, are less of a problem. If it’s a factory finished coating, it will have protection from aluminium oxide, which is extremely problematic to remove.

Reasons for DIY

It boils down to money in most cases. It’s possible to save about 25%, if you do it yourself, in comparison to taking on the services of a professional sanding company, such as Castle Floors.

Bear in mind, that these savings will only apply, if all goes to plan, and history shows us, that this is far from what usually happens, when we brave a DIY job such as this.

There is a great deal of satisfaction to be gained from a job well done, as any professional sander will proclaim. That feeling, that comes after you’ve applied that last coat of finish, and you stand back and admire the beauty that only natural wood can provide. A fantastic job that you can use as a showpiece of your DIY skills.

The reasons for hiring a Professional Flooring Expert

Quality is key, and that’s what you’ll get from Castle Floors for professional floor sanding services in Castleford, Leeds and throughout Yorkshire, in the UK. After all, restoring a floor is an investment that will last for a long time.

The correct set of equipment, will be a deal breaker when it comes to the end result, and in most situations, this will result in a finer job, done much quicker. Sanding equipment is very costly, and it’s not just the hire costs, but also the cost of the consumables.

A lack of training and experience, will most likely result in a lengthy, tiring project that will result in a less than superb finish.

The question to ask yourself is, am I going to end up having to spend the money all over again, to pay a professional to fix my attempt.