Instead of hiding your wooden floor with a carpet, why not refurbish your floor?

How to refurbish a wooden floor

Before and After: once we refurbish your wooden floor, you will be surprised at how new it looks.

Wood is wonderful. It adds value to your home, especially when given tender loving care and shown off to your guests. Instead of covering it with a carpet, why not have your wooden floor refurbished? We at Castle Floors, within Leeds, Castleford, and Wakefield, will refurbish your wooden floor to ‘as new’ condition.

A wooden floor adds character to your home. If any of your family members are prone to allergies or suffer from asthma, a wooden floor is the hypoallergenic option. In older properties, especially in housing built before the Second World War, it adds character. When we refurbish your wooden floor, here’s how we do it:

  1. Nails, screws, and loose boards, plus residual treatments, are removed.
  2. We sand your floor, using whatever method is appropriate.
  3. Your floor is sanded with a selection of sanding machine or by hand, depending on the size and complexity of your floor.
  4. Once we have smoothed your wooden floor, we will treat the wood with a suitable wax, oil, or sealant.
  5. We can add a matt or satin sheen to your floor.

When you choose Castle Floors to refurbish your wooden floor, everything will be done to suit your requirements.

If you have any further queries on giving your wooden floor a new lease of life, why not ask us for a free no-obligation quote? We serve most areas in and around Leeds, Castleford, and Wakefield. Call us on 01977 730244 or 07825 834821, or send us an email to We will be delighted to help you and get back to you as soon as possible.

Castle Floors, 02 May 2017.