The merits of wooden floors in your bedroom

Bedroom floor image by Svet_Feo (via Shutterstock).

Stylish: wooden floors, such as this parquet floor, could bring the best out of your bedroom. Image by Svet_Feo (via Shutterstock).

Many of us spend a quarter or a third of each day in our bedroom. That’s excluding the amount of time we use our room for getting dressed. Sometimes, our home office or computer is in the same place as our king size or single bed. Therefore, we could spend more than half our days in the same room.

If your bedroom stands up to more stick than the six or eight hours we spend in bed, this is where wooden floors may be the answer. Firstly, carpets, though soft to the touch, can be a good place for dust mites, dead skin and pet hairs. At eight hours a time, they can be unhealthy bedfellows. They release Volatile Organic Compounds which, in the long term, cannot be good for sleep.

Unlike wall to wall carpets, wooden floors are hypoallergenic as well as hard wearing. Sleeping is easier as you have fewer dust particles to inhale. A wooden floor is easier to clean: especially if you have talcum powder on the floor as well as dead skin and toenails.

Which kind of flooring is best for the bedroom?

We love the variety and decorative nature of the parquet floor. Whether your choice of pattern in herringbone or weaved, we think they add a classy touch to your bedroom. For a rustic look, reclaimed flooring could look the part in your room.

Whatever your choice of flooring style, we at Castle Floors can add a touch of class to your boudoir. Some kudos to your crashpad. A new room without the gloom. For a free no-obligation quote, call us on 01977 730224, or email us via One of our staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

Castle Floors, 12 April 2017.