How wooden floors add style to your front room

wood floor sanding leeds

For many people, there is at least one or more ‘which is better?’ type of argument. For example: which is better out of Rugby League or Rugby Union? Anyone born from the late 1960s to the early 1970s would ask if you lived in a Swap Shop house or a TISWAS house. In the field of floor coverings, there one argument that has gone on longer than the above two examples. That of wooden floors or carpets.

Whether for a New York style loft apartment in Leeds or a modern day semi-detached house in Outwood or Hunslet, wooden floors offer a contemporary look to your home. Over time, carpets could lose their colour and pick up dust like nobody’s business. A properly maintained wooden floor can maintain its sheen and colour for years to come.

Types of wooden floors to consider

We at Castle Floors offer several varieties of wooden floor that best suit your home. For example: herringbone patterned floors are suitable for 1930s to 1950s semi-detached houses. We can also restore Victorian wooden floors.

Whether you choose parquet flooring or wish to have your Victorian floorboards restored, your living room will benefit from a modern or traditional look. We can also varnish your floor for a glossy look or offer a rustic look.

Why wooden floors instead of carpets?

Apart from being easy to clean, they do not gather dust in the same way as carpets. With carpets, dust mites and the tufts have a negative effect on asthma sufferers. Our timber is sourced from sustainably managed forests.

Castle Floors, 17 January 2017.