Why we agree with Scott Sidler’s line on wood floors

Wood floors restoration leeds

In the last thirty years, replacing our white goods with the newest model in store or online is de rigeur if we, for example, decided to redecorate our kitchen. This is more to do with aesthetic value – for example, choosing the right fridge to go with the travertine worktop. One problem is, though today’s electrical appliances have fallen in price, their lifespan has fallen, too. An electric cooker could last 30 or more years; a microwave oven, three years. Wood floors could last for centuries, whereas laminate floors barely reach 30 years before replacement.

If you read The Craftsman Blog with Scott Sidler, there’s a post of his from December 2011 that will strike a chord. In a series of postings entitled 5 Worst Mistakes of Historic Homeowners, he decried the number of wood floors that have been covered over by… laminate flooring or vinyl floors. On this phenomenon, he said:

Historic houses are having their floors covered up, ripped out, or trashed in any number of ways to make room for newer, inferior products. Only in America would we be ignorant enough to cover what would be a $15 [£11.65] or $20 [£15.54] per sq. ft. floor with a $.50 [39p] per sq. ft. floor. Are we really that shallow?

In his post, see how much difference a restored wood floor can make to your home, compared with a laminated tile floor. Why have cotton when you can have silk? Why have Bells when you can have a Laphroaig 16 year single malt? The difference in class is astonishing.

Sidler’s comments reflect the throwaway nature of today’s consumer society. Instead of removing a slight stain on our favourite top, we are more likely to buy a new one instead of clean our favourite T-Shirt.

A well looked after wooden floor has an air of permanence which is unrivalled by few materials. If your wooden floor needs a bit of TLC, why not turn to us? We can get it looking like new, instead of besmirching its beautiful grains with a self-adhesive tile or a carpet.

Castle Floors, 14 July 2017.