A collection of clips on how not to fit a wooden floor, plus a bonus feature

Wooden floor fitting fail image by Boris Rabtsevich (via Shutterstock).

Work in progress: A section of wood flooring being repaired. Image by Boris Rabtsevich (via Shutterstock).

Hardwood Flooring FAIL

For our first clip of wooden floor fitting fails, we see how a floor can be fitted and dismantled in a speeded up video clip. In 70 seconds, we see how a badly fitted floor is taken apart in no time at all.

Worst Hardwood Buckle

He’s right! We have seen lower slag heaps than this sorry specimen.

Bad hardwood floor installation

With this wooden floor fitting fail, we find that the original installer used the wrong nails. Here’s why it’s such a cinch to dismantle the flooring.

Elastilon from lumber liquidators bad results

For this hellish installation, we see how a cherrywood floor buckled in two months. The customer had to pay an extra $2,220 dollars to remedy this issue.

Tommy’s Trade Secrets – How To Level a Buckled Floor

Just to add some balance to this compilation of catastrophes, we close with one of Tommy’s Trade Secrets. His series of videos have a wealth of subscribers who have turned to him for DIY tips. We see how he levels a buckled floor.

Castle Floors, 13 March 2017.