Wooden floors are a valuable asset to any home. Not only do they work well in any kind of home – modern or traditional, but they last for years if restored correctly and with regular maintenance. Wooden floors are also good for avoiding a building up of dust and dust mites, as well as pet hair. Many people with persistent allergies choose wooden floors for this very reason.

Castle Floors provide a variety of services for wood floors Leeds wide, sanding, repair, refurbishment and maintenance. No matter what kind of wood, we know the best way to get the most out of it. We have carried out projects in a range of settings from churches to offices and homes.

We carry out a full range of refurbishments for Hardwood Flooring Yorkshire. We start off by preparing the floor by removing any residual treatments, nails and screws, and making any loose or unsafe boards sound. Then we sand down the wood using the most appropriate method; a selection of sanding machines or sometimes by hand for small or awkward spaces. Once the wood is smooth and level we will treat the wood to achieve whichever look you want, with waxes, oils and sealants. These treatments can give you lots of different finishes from matt to a satin sheen.

We only give the best quality results, and we don’t just offer the most comprehensive refurbishments and repairs, but also a full cleaning and maintenance service.