How wooden flooring compares with laminate flooring

Wooden flooring image by Pavel Shynkarou (via Shutterstock).

A nice bit of parquet flooring in a modern house. Image by Pavel Shynkarou (via Shutterstock).

There are many closely fought battles between one football side or another, or those between brands. For example: the battle for cola drink supremacy between Coca Cola and Pepsi. There is one that is sure to go on for a longer period. Not the battle between carpeted floors and wooden floors. The one to watch is the battle between wooden flooring and laminate flooring.

Both wooden flooring and laminate flooring have their fans. The former is best for long term use; the latter for convenience. Tonight, coming to you live from the Castle Floors Arena, it’s the bout of a lifetime. This one has got to run against the grain…

Wooden Flooring


  • Wooden flooring is the real deal. That we shan’t elaborate on; it lasts for years.
  • Wood floors can be repaired by sanding and refinishing. With laminate flooring, you hope the DIY store has the same kind of flooring in stock.


  • Wood prices depend upon the kind of wood you go for. This is expected as the price is consummate to quality and durability.
  • Wooden floors can be scratched and damaged by moisture. This is why treated wooden floors with proper maintenance matters.

Laminated Flooring

Laminate flooring image by Bilanol (via Shutterstock).

Prepacked for action: laminate flooring. Image by Bilanol (via Shutterstock).


  • Laminate floors are made from composite woods, which make for cheaper materials and lower installation prices.
  • Unlike real wood, laminate floors are scratch resistant. They can be more durable.


  • Laminate flooring doesn’t look the same as real wood.
  • Repairing laminate floors are not as easy as wooden floors to repair, unless you have ample stocks of laminate floor tiles. If you needed a replacement tile, how would you know if the DIY store hasn’t discontinued that design?

For us, the clear winner is wooden flooring. In the long term, it is a better investment and easier to maintain. Last but not least, if you’re looking for a wooden flooring contractors in Castleford, Leeds, Wakefield or surrounding area, you have come to the right website.

Castle Floors, 10 March 2017.